No Secrets. Be Warned.

I find sewing to be a very comfortable, soothing act, but sometimes students can be SO comfortable that they confess the funniest things. One time a young student sighed, “Ms. Gretchen, I love you and, y’know, sometimes it’s okay to pick your nose.” Another quizzed me, “Do you know how to play the quiet game? It’s my dad’s favorite.”

Or they can turn on me with a big question like, “What’s the biggest mistake you ever made?” I had to scramble to answer that one, but I settled for “Not choosing sewing as my first career!” and that seemed to satisfy them. That could have gone wrong in a whole lot of ways!

Whatever the conversation or question, my students keep it lively and interesting and they bring me so much joy. It really makes me wonder why I didn’t choose a creative career first.

Have you ever been confided in? What was it like?

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